hundreds Laptop disappeared, the Secret of the English Military leaked?

| Saturday, July 19, 2008

London - England apparently was worrying the secret of his military could leak to the enemy's circle. His article, Kementerian of the English Defence expressed the quite startling fact.
In his statement in parliament's agency of House of Commons, English Defence Minister Des Browne admitted his side lost 658 laptop since 2004 because of being stolen.
89 laptop other was stated was lost. Moreover, an amount 121 memory stick also disappeared, with some of the him contained the data that was classified as the secret data. And serious him, only 32 laptop succeeded in being found again from the number hundreds that were lost this. In connection with the possibility the important secret leaking, the Ministry of the Defence then promised to carry out investigation was full. \Apparently, the government could not be believed in maintaining the security of information. Frightening it seems thought about the possibility of the secret leaking important,\was like this the response from Sarah Teather, the member of Parliament concerning this case, as being quoted by Vnunet.

Seagate pursued the Sale 2 billion Hard Drive

| Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Focussed on the global development would konten digital, Seagate had the ambitious obsession for his business. It was not half-hearted, they were pursuing the sale hard drive that to 2 billion!
The pompous Seagate achievement was their target in the period five years in the future. Now at the beginning of this year, Seagate was successful sold hard drive to one billion since this company the first time stood almost 30 years ago.
the Organisation and the consumer from various corners of the world continued created, shared and consumed konten digital in the available level sebelumnya,\said Michael Wingert, the Vice President the executive and the General Manager from Seagate Personal Computer Business in his release.This, he continued, will generate the new market, the increase would the request on the application and the computer desktop and laptop with the storage capacity, the achievement and reliability that without the limit.
Seagate made a commitment to support the following generation from the computation of now with the solution to the storage of the fastest data, have a capacity high and could diandalkan,\let Wingert loose.

IPhone 3G had problems,"the Spectator" Disappointed

| Friday, July 11, 2008

New York - the screen Cellular Phone touched besutan Apple was just sold officially together this July 11. The buyers who have been waiting hinga spent the night in front of the Apple shop in Fifth Avenue, New York, disappointed.IPhone 3G new that was bought by them immediately could not be used by them when leaving the shop because of not going perfect. This matter was linked with the global problem between server iTunes and the AT&T network so as the cellular phone could not active. Apple personally was planned, the buyer iPhone 3G could walk and sway the arms outside the shop with the cellular phone was ready with on the network AT&T. In Fact, that of only dreams completely. Because of the queue already mengular, then the shop assistants ask for with the honour enthusiastic this to be able to activate his cellular phone manually by putting iPhone 3G to the computer through that connectivity the internet. IPhone 3G was sold together on July 11 2008. Enthusiastic fought to be able to carry the label over his shoulder\the owner iPhone first\. Although Apple personally concentrated in the United States, but the first owner this iPhone 3G was a student from Selandia Baru.Hal this was caused local time New Zealand was earlier than in the United States personally.

Ericsson the Supplier of the Wide Laptop Toshiba Tape Module

| Sunday, July 06, 2008

Together with the use of LAN technology nirkabel that was increasingly wide, the request would wide tape access was involved in accessing the internet and the network of the company when and when significantly also developin.
Several producers laptop then continued to try to consolidate the position in this industry by raking in the business partners. Like that was carried out by Toshiba, that raked in Ericsson to integrate the HSPA module the wide tape moving inside laptop his business.
HSPA (High Speed Packet Access) was wide tape technology moving that often was spread out, with 198 networks that have been available in 86 countries of all the world. Thomas Teckentrup, Toshiba System Division Europe General Manager said, Toshiba and Ericsson complemented each other to one another. Toshiba had the position that was strong to the market laptop the business, while Ericsson had the experience in the wide tape business moving.
The users Laptop the Toshiba business it was promised immediately will get the profit from wide tape technology nirkabel (HSPA) Ericsson, through the module that enabled in general the data that was distributed to 7.2 Mbps in downlink and as far as 2.0 Mbps in uplink.
This module also it was claimed had a recipient GPS (Global Positioning System) that was used together with the application of the determiners of the position. Toshiba planned will launch laptop first that was equipped by the wide tape module moving Ericsson in the second semester 2008.

Asustek was ready to launch Eee PC 3G


In the calculation of the month, Asus was ready to launch the Eee PC development furthermore. That is with Eee PC that was equipped by the capacity konektivitas 3G (the third generation).
His plan this new Eee PC version will be shipped more previously to Europe in September. Saw the future brightness of the war laptop cheap have the ability 3G in the market, was hoped for by the version 3G this can compete with rivals Asus that will do the similar matter.
One of the companies that will add konektivitas 3G wireless to laptop they were Elitegroup Computer Systems (ECS), that made the contract with the provider of the service wireless in Europe to distribute G10IL mini-netbook. According to plan this ECS product will be available in the market in September or this October. These products will it was confirmed be supplemented with the capacity of 3G HSDPA/HSUPA (High Speed Downlink/Uplink Packet Access), so as the owner laptop could go to the provider of the service and received the card 3G, or wireless the plan to use the network at any time.
Eee PC and notebook mini other that was equipped with 3G was reported will be tied with the contract 3G from the providers of the service that blew in the decline in the price of equipment laptop that personally. Because, often the provider of the service gave the subsidy towards the price handset and the other device, so as could be said by the price notebook will depend on this contract.